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Tents, Hammocks, Vans, and More!

Bring your own way of living outdoors to the Holler

Renting to only one group at a time, all camping options are available for your group.

Car Camping

Tent Camping

Hammock Camping

Camp Fire Marshmallows

Your favorite setup, close to all the amenities.

Bring all your own gear, and tent out with your friends and family.

Plenty of trees on our mountainside - you don't need a flat space for a hammock!

  • Sprinter-style vehicles

  • Trucks with bed campers

  • Short RVs (24' max!)

  • Short trailers (16') and similar can fit and turn in our parking areas

  • No hookups available

  • Flat, graveled area for good drainage

  • Room for six 2-person backpacking tents

  • Room for four cabin-style tents

  • Set up your hammock system anywhere above the lawns

  • Eye hooks for hammocks are also available at each end of the pavilion

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